How We Do Data & Content

This isn’t a post about the intricacies of Big Data, Machine Learning or Artificial intelligence. But even the least sophisticated amongst us knows that our online presence is increasingly something we have less and less control over. The largest tech companies in the world know a lot about us and this data is shared with others to increase engagement and to buy more stuff. Beyond that, it is being used by people in power to control and manipulate us subtly.

The dark, dystopian side of Big Data, is that there are many actors out there who are using this data to manipulate your dopamine response into doing things they want. It isn’t necessarily the companies who have these systems doing the manipulating, but these platforms can be used by people with far more nefarious motivations to make you do things that benefit them against your conscious will.

Are we a part of the problem?

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re a tech company. And we sell content. The content we sell is written by our hand-picked authors or experts. They write content, which they own.  Let me emphasize this:

our authors own their content

And we help them to sell it to their existing audience. Beyond that, we help them to sell guides to people who have never interacted with them before. We do this through multiple channels, of which, existing platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google, work really well for this.

Marketing and transparent ads are not inherently bad things. We are a business and we don’t believe that engaging in commerce is a negative human experience when you are a willing participant. Seeing ads that we know are ads are ok.  And you’ll only see ours on other platforms as ads.  Not disguised as anything else. We can choose whether we want to click on them or not. There is a choice to do business with our authors (and us) or not.

Our promise is to be transparent about our marketing methods. We do not sell any data that we get on user behavior on our site to third parties. We make money selling guides and any royalties we pick up through our third party affiliates if someone books or buys things related to their guides. All of these interactions are fully disclosed.

Most importantly, we don’t allow any outside actors to use our platform as a way to get you do things that you aren’t aware of or collect data on you.

The internet doesn’t have to suck.  We’re just a tiny part of it, but we take your choice to be a part of this community very seriously.

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