Closed Beta Launches Today

It has been an epic journey just to get to the starting line, but today we proudly announce the an entirely new PathWrangler. We are launching in closed Beta and there will be many updates and details to come as we open up to more and more users.

So, what is this thing? In short, the new PathWrangler is a platform for you to self-publish experiences. It’s like iTunes for guides created by you.

The travel and experience industry hasn’t adequately addressed a way for some of the most knowledgable people in the world to be able to monetize and build a strong brand based the depth and richness of their knowledge. We’ve been in the trenches for almost a decade and realized we needed to rebuild everything from scratch and hit this problem head on.

We will be rolling out some of the best industry minds over the next couple of weeks and you’ll get a flavor for what we are doing. As each of these people launch, we’ll be revealing “how” all of this works.

It is important to realize that this platform was built so that the focus is on YOU.

In the meantime, request a Beta invite. You can also email us, flash up the Batsign, send a homing pigeon or whatever your preferred communication method is. We know some people that might just be able to hook you up.

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