Welcome Tim Skaggs PathWrangler’s New CTO!


Hey folks, I want to introduce our new CTO Tim Skaggs.

Tim’s been involved in the tech scene as a professional developer for over six years and tinkering for over ten years. He ran a development consultant company for three years and then worked with startup for over three years. His coding skills were developed in the field with startups involved in two incubators, funded startups, and fast growing cloud technology companies. While attending Indiana University, he learned many business skills and data structures that then applied to running and growing companies. When he’s not coding, he’s traveling and exploring the great outdoors.

Doesn’t that read like a nice bio plucked from the pages of LinkedIn?  Yes, it is very professional.  I thought we’d take it a step further.  I sat down with Tim for a brief chat to talk a little further so you can all get to know him better. Ultimately, you can see why he’s one of us and that we’ve got the right person to help us to take over the universe.

DH: Why on god’s green earth are you doing this?

TS: I always had a great relationship with you and gotten along great over the last 7 years or so. I always thought PathWrangler was a great idea and my love for the outdoors was drawn to it. Its potential and vision for what it can do is huge. Ultimately, you as the guy behind it is what did it for me. This vision is way beyond helping people make a living in the (travel and outdoor) industry.  It is ultimately about getting people outdoors and/or into the world around them. People are missing beauty and losing their sense of connection staring into technology all day. It is heartbreaking. Lastly, the belief of the existing customer base PathWrangler has is incredible.  Your clients love you and we can build something incredible from here.

What do you believe the future of travel looks like?

Life is getting more and more connected everyday. But, so far, nothing is really allowing people access to get outside better. No one knows how to do anything anymore. The long term vision is to create explorers again. Get people away from staring at their phones and into the world. Get them exploring as kids again. When I was a kid we spent all day walking around, being creative and doing dumb stuff some times. Seeing kids by themselves outside of their home is unsettling to some people now. We want to create that environment again, not just for kids, but for everyone.

Do you have any technical folks you claim as inspiration or influences, why?

Personally in my life the Sproutbox guys (PathWrangler advisors): Brad Wisler, Mike Trotzke and Marc Guyer – They were very influential to me in becoming who I am. Looked up to as mentors. Love what they are doing to build a tech community in Bloomington, IN.  They’re really talented guys and they’re influence is strong.

Early on, it was Kevin Rose through his blog and starting Digg.  He did more than build his company, he shared his knowledge with us and gave us insight into how it all worked.

Now it is Elon Musk.  He’s running headfirst into the future. He’s beyond webapps and into culture changing things like alternative energy.  He’s also not preachy, he acts by creating solutions.

If you had only had $1k and 12 months free, what would you do with it?

I’d hop in car and travel North America – Canada….Central America….explore the environment. I’d stretch my dollar by crashing on people’s couches and camping along the way. Getting back to the core of exploration…imagination and personal devlopment. You need that quiet time as an adult. it is essential to have time to think and become a better person. Also, being outside puts you into that place of the universe.  You don’t need a lot of money or free time to do these things. But once you do these things, you’ll find yourself prioritizing around those constraints.

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