PathWrangler LIVES!

PathWrangler is Staying Open!

Something amazing has happened in the last 14 days.  And this thing has led to PathWrangler being resurrected and it will stay open…for now.  Below is what happened how it affects you.

The flood of emails I then received from our community in the past two weeks has been touching, but also heartbreaking.  We started PathWrangler to build a great community.  We succeeded in that mission, but we fell short in the making money to pay the bills part of it.

I cannot even begin to describe how hard it was to walk away from one of the most amazing communities of people I’ve known or been a part of.  Not only that, I personally felt like I had let everyone down who supported us all these years.

I also received a lot of phone calls.  And one of those calls led to this amazing thing.  It was from Emilie Cortes from Call of the Wild Adventures.  Emilie has not only been an avid user of PathWrangler, she’s also pushed the envelope with how tour operators use the tool and has provided the standard with how tour operators can improve their lives and build community for their companies.

Here’s a quote from Emilie about why we had to stay open:

“Our business model and customer service delivery is totally built around PathWrangler. At this stage, it’s unfathomable to contemplate returning to the old way of doing things. The increased email volume, document version control issues, difficulty responding to changing conditions quickly, and the feeling that each client has that they are completely alone before a trip were all simply unacceptable and were going to increase our costs dramatically. With PathWrangler, all of these administrative and business issues are solved or ameliorated. However, the biggest impact PathWrangler has had on our business is the ability to build community pre-trip, not only post-trip. Clients come on our trips feeling more connected, more prepared, and some groups even have inside jokes before they have ever even met. It’s powerful. As we all know, it’s way more effective to retain clients who then bring more people, than to keep spending money on advertising trying to bring in brand new clients.”

I told her that I was down to my last two nickels and had been rubbing them together for the last year to see if they’ll mate.  It hasn’t worked. I didn’t want to shut down and it was entirely a financial decision.

I won’t go into details, but it was a very emotional phone call for the both of us.  There were tears…I mean allergies.  It’s Springtime afterall.

The next morning, I woke up to a text message.  Emilie rallied some of our other clients and had raised about half the money we needed to stay open….in 12 HOURS!!!  I was initially reluctant to accept this help, but realized that tour operators don’t wear shiny top hats and monocles, and if they were willing to support us financially, they were dead serious about how much we meant to the success of their businesses.

So, here is where things stand: we are going to remain open.  However, we are going to need more investment to continue in the long term.  We’ll be implementing some changes to our business model to achieve sustainability from our end, but we need outside help to make this work.  Knowing that we have this kind of support in our community, I have no doubt we’ll figure how how to do this and I will continue to fight to keep this community thriving and, hopefully, growing.  Please connect with me directly for more information.

If you have a business or organization that runs trips and don’t have a business account, please get in touch with us and we’ll show you how companies like Call of the Wild are using their PathWrangler Premium Accounts to revolutionize the travel business.

Thank you everyone.  These emails are much more fun to write than the one I sent out on March 10th.  I never want to write that email again.

Doug Heinz

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