ATTA & AORE Partner PathWrangler: Better Than Kittens on the Internet for Trips


If you could harness the power of all the cuteness of kittens on the internet and use that to power your running your trips, would you?  For Tour Operators and Outdoor Rec Programs, PathWrangler is bigger than kittens on the internet.  It is like an army of sherpas were all turned to 1s and 0s and are at your disposal (patent pending).  In ONE platform, you can plan & manage trips, sell more trips and grow your community.   We surveyed our clients, had our crack staff crunch the numbers and here’s the evidence for how PathWrangler is working for them:

– Decrease operating expenses by 78%.  Do you hate managing Trip Documents?  We do too (if you said no, there are support groups for this affliction).  We replace your Word Docs, PDFs and endless email chains.  Plus, our interactive trip planning tool is a blast for everyone to use.  When people have a better way to talk to each other with less hassle, your trip magic can thrive.

–  Sell 57% more trips.  We know how much you love your websites.  We also think they’re great (most of them, anyways).  But they just sit there in the vast Internet amongst other websites vying for the attention of your students and keeping them up to date is very expensive.  Integrating with your website, your trips in PathWrangler are interactive, sharable and extend out to reach a much wider audience.  If you put the two tools together, it is like discovering internet gunpowder.

– Increasing word of mouth referrals.  There are only a few subjects that people share on social media that aren’t irritating and won’t get you dirty looks from your family at the next gathering: kittens and travel stories.  We also know that your programs are heavily driven by personal referrals.  So, as your students share their trip stories and photos with their friends through your trips in PathWrangler, it also captures future students as they are inspired and brought to your virtual front door.

So, in short, PathWrangler is better than kittens on the internet for your trips.  Even better news is that your membership with the AORE gives you a 15% discount on PathWrangler.  Sign-up now to start growing your business with a free trial today (use discount code AORE1929).  Getting started is easy.  However, we do like to connect personally with you, so please contact me directly at and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have in getting set up.

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