Mysterious Cache of Jewels Turns Up Atop French Glacier

Looks like climbing pays after all:

It reads like the opening scene of an “Indiana Jones” movie.

A young man climbing a French glacier finds a cache of glittering jewels wrapped in bags stamped “Made in India” — remnants, perhaps, of cargo from an ill-fated airliner called the Malabar Princess.

The best thing about it? This story is true.

It happened early this month on a glacier overlooking the southeastern French village of Chamonix, Albertville police Chief Sylvain Merly said Thursday…

…Merly declined to characterize the stones, which are being described in French media as rubies, sapphires and emeralds. They’re worth somewhere between €130,000 (about $175,000) and €246,000 ($331,600), Merly said.

I once found half of a rusty shovel, a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses and a half-eaten tin of tuna in the mountains.  Suffice to say, I didn’t feel like Indiana Jones after my discoveries.

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