We’ve Been Hacked – What Happened and How We’ve Fixed It

Over the past week, PathWrangler has been attacked by a deliberate and malicious cyber hacker.  In short, the perpetrators responsible have been using the Tor network to anonymously request and redirect password changes.  If they get inside, they’re going in an deleting user’s entire accounts.  We’ve solved the problem, but not only do we want to inform you of this incident, we also need your help in making sure your account is secure.
  1. Please immediately change your password. Under settings, you can do that here.  Please use a strong password that has upper and lowercase letters, numbers as well as symbols.   This will go a long way in helping to fend off these kind of attacks.
  2. If you receive an automatic password change request from PathWrangle that was unprompted, please forward it to support@pathwrangler.com immediately.  You will never receive an unprompted automated password change request from PathWrangler.
  3. No billing or private information or email addresses have been compromised.
  4. We spent the weekend tracking down and closing the loop-holes that these attackers took advantage of.  We ensure that your account is secure and that we have not only solved this problem, but are taking active steps to make sure that any future attacks are protected against.
Please contact us at support@pathwrangler.com if you have any questions, concerns or thoughts.  We appreciate your business and regret having to send this email.  However, we are absolutely committed to serving you with the most amazing customer service, so we don’t believe in sweeping these things under the rug.  Your relationship with us is the most valuable thing we have and we’re committed to protecting you, your information and your businesses.
To the person, or persons responsible for this attack, we quote the great comedian Hannibal Burress in our feelings towards you,  “I hope you almost die in a fire and then get stabbed, while you are still on fire.”
Best Regards,
Doug Heinz
CEO – PathWrangler

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