Tnooz: PathWrangler Showcase

Today, Karthik Prabu from Tnooz published a showcase article on PathWrangler.  It is part info, part interview of me (Doug Heinz) and analysis.  Great write-up and wait until they see what’s coming up in a couple of days!  Our biggest release since Trip Stories is coming up.

Here’s their take:

Tnooz view

PathWrangler is a tool that can be used quickly to create an itinerary, associate a cost, enter day-wise details and publish to clients (travellers).

It looks like the target market is small/medium-sized tour operators or individual tour guides.

Though PathWrangler claims that the discussion feature is their USP, its competitors have much advanced features.

PathWrangler says that their competitors are GetConcourse and Peak15. All those various reservation systems built exclusively for tour operators are direct competitors of PathWrangler.

Also, all platforms that connect locals to travellers are related competitors: TriipPeekToursbylocalsLocalguidingPigafeMeetripGovoyagin.

PathWrangler estimates the adventure travel market at $100 billion and outdoor recreation at $800 billion. But, given the number of similar players existing in the market, the question is the share of PathWrangler in this huge market.

The platform is easy to use, self explanatory and simple. There was no need to go through any documentation to create a trip and publish it.

I will add one counterpoint to discussion feature analysis.  We agree that our discussion/commenting tool within PathWrangler is simple compared to others out there.  However, because our conversations are private among only those who are planning the trip together, the bells and whistles that come with many other discussion tools out there (like social media integration, favoriting, ranking, etc) are overkill for us.  The power of PathWrangler is not how amazing the discussion tool is as a stand alone technology, but that it is contained within the confines of trip, thus creating an easier and more engaging experience all around.  We definitely see room for improvement here, though, but it’ll be within the context of a private discussion.


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