Hydrospeed Down Europe’s Alpine Rivers

Whitewater rafting without a raft in Class III and IV rivers is how to best describe the adrenaline sport of hydrospeed or riverboarding.  Equipped with a foam board, diving suit, helmet, life jacket and fins one can get up close and personal with the river, waves and rocks and have a full contact whitewater experience.  Hydrospeed is quite popular in Europe and there are some pretty fast moving alpine rivers in a few countries to try it out on.  There will be no fear of falling into the water because you’ll already be in it!

Arve River | France
Discover the breathtaking canyons of the Mont Blanc valley along the 62 miles of this icy cold river that passes through the picturesque alpine hamlet of Chamonix.

Dranse of Thonon River | France
Over 4 miles long this fast current river in the Haute-Savoie region, with its numerous rocks and boulders, is supplied by rainfall in the Northern Alps and is a branch of the river that feeds into Lake Geneva.

Giffre River | France
One of the most beautiful alpine rivers located in the Haute-Savoie region and runs through Samoëns.  It’s also the location of the Gorges de Tines and a popular spot for rafting.

Isère River | France
Popular among kayakers this 14 mile long surging river is fed by the Vanoise National Park glaciers and consists of some slow current spots as well as gorges and rapids up to Class IV.

Dora Baltéa River | Italy
Located in the heart of the Val d’Aosta this mythical river is 104 miles long and is considered one of the most beautiful glacier rivers in the Alps.

Soča River | Slovenia
Known as “the Emerald Beauty” this river’s remarkable blue-green water stays this color for 86 miles from the Julian Alps to the Adriatic Sea.

Tour operators like Chamonix Hydroglisse, Kariboo Adventure, Soca Rafting and XPoint will give you the equipment you need along with an experienced instructor to guide you in these rough waters.  Dare to leave the raft behind and get immersed in the rivers of Europe with a truly action-packed sport.

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