WildQuest: The Human-Dolphin Experience

Bimini Sunrise

Earlier this Fall I had the pleasure of spending two weeks at a retreat center on the small Bahamian island of Bimini.  The experience is called Wildquest and their service involves running week long retreats that take participants out to ethically swim with wild dolphins.   The itinerary begins with morning yoga/meditation, breakfast, and then heading out on a 42 foot Lagoon Catamaran Sailboat for a full day out on the water.

Briefing from the Captain

While out on the water we visit classic snorkeling sites around the island of Bimini such as North Rock, Three Sisters, and the Bimini Road.  We would then make our way out to the dolphin grounds in search of finding dolphins to visit in their natural habitat.  The two types of dolphins common to the Bahamas are the Atlantic Spotted and Bottlenose dolphins.

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins
Photo: courtesy of Atmoji @ wildquest.com

Wildquest is a place for all ages and they promote an understanding of the “human pod”, which is an approach to finding ways to bridge the interconnections we all share as humans.  It was amazing to be in the water in our human pod and to allow the dolphins to come to us.  Dolphins have a way of allowing their presence to hold the space for us in the water and to allow ourselves to be present in what it is to be a true human being.

Bimini Sunset

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