Living the Dream! An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting and Operating a Successful Adventure Travel Company

PathWrangler is pleased to announced the release of our free eBook, “Living the Dream: An Entreprenuer’s Guide to Starting and Operating a Successful Adventure Travel Company.”  This book was written by Christina Heyniger and myself and features Chunnie Wright and Mona McPhee.

So, what it this about?  Let’s take you to our first chapter:

“Do you want to build a successful adventure travel business? LIVING THE DREAM gives you a framework for not only starting and getting your new adventure company off the ground, but also how to operate and grow it with dazzling service. Inside this book you’ll find information about how to:

  • Get your business off the ground as quickly and inexpensively as possible
  • Focus your efforts on core business aspects
  • Provide outstanding service to your clients
  • Throw out big, clunky business plans or ideas that are too grand in favor of focusing on bite-sized problems
  • Quickly launch, modify and constantly improve your business to adjust to the market, client demands and economic realities

The book presents a series of steps that draw on the “Lean Startup” methodology created by Eric Ries and has since launched top web software companies and is being extended to numerous other sectors. We are combining our experience with Lean Startup with the know-how and experience of people who have created and built leading adventure travel companies to bring you this adventure travel start-up manual.

Benefits to You

“In the old days, adventure travel was only for a very limited number of highly adventurous people. Nowadays everyone is into adventure travel. Anything out of person’s comfort zone is called ‘adventure travel.’ The whole industry has just skyrocketed. At the same time we have a huge amount of competition, much more than in the past.” – Tony Neubauer, Myths and Mountains

LIVING THE DREAM will explain how you can build a competitive adventure business with a distinctive personality. The methods presented will challenge you to embrace the challenges of a limited budget and turns those limitations into an advantage. Being small and agile isn’t a stage of your business, it is a mindset that lets you provide much better personal experiences to your clients.

Following the steps in this book will help you organize your adventure travel startup, get clients in the door and run better trips.

LIVING THE DREAM challenges you to be opinionated. Forgo being all things to all people and build something that has a distinct image — one that you’re proud and excited about, and that stands out from the crowd.

Who LIVING THE DREAM is Written For

If you are

  • An adventurous type who is tired of the day-to-day slog in the office, who has always wanted to start a business that allows you to explore your passion and work with great people around the world;
  • Currently operating an adventure business you would like to improve, perhaps by streamlining your operational activities or standing out more effectively from your competition;
  • Overwhelmed with the costs of adopting, creating and keeping up with the technology required to stay current in today’s online world;

Then LIVING THE DREAM is for you.”

More to come.  Stay tuned!


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