We all thirst and love adventrue…

Ama Dablam Photo:Alok Remza

Passion and excitement is the essence of life and the ability to throw ourselves into the stream of existence with reckless abandonment is often better imagined then experienced.  Buddha and Nike said it perfectly, “Find what you love, and just do it”!

Mani Stones Photo: Alok Remza

One such person I would like you to meet is  The Legendary Adventures of Anna, who is getting after it in her own unique way!  What resonates with me in regards to Anna is her enthusiasm.  She is a breath of fresh air and I send her flowering intentions of well being and safety on her travels.

So a few sentences of encouragement.  Be eternally grateful for all that you have survived so far as a human being.  What we perceive as gaining ground or falling short has ultimately shaped you into the amazing person that you are in this moment.  Also, do your best to avoid comparisons with those around us.  This can be a difficult one to embrace, but we are constantly comparing ourselves within every aspect of our lives to the accomplishments and perceived failures of others  You are eternally unique and the challenges that you face in this life are your guide, so do your best to follow your heart.

Khumbu Valley, Nepal Photo:Alok Remza

Traveling is one path that you can do in this moment to take yourself out of your current life situation and experience something entirely new and unique unto itself.  It is in our nature as humans to want to see what is around that next corner or what it looks like from up high upon that summit.  Yet our need is to find that same experience within families, occupation and most importantly within ourselves.

If life has you in the midst of a relationship, family life, and profession with very little time to travel?  Then find ways to incorporate adventure into your life by finding inspiration from those who are currently working from that space.

One such person I would like to highlight is my friend Matt Walker.  Matt and I started as mountain guides working together for Alpine Ascents International back in 2000.  Matt has since journeyed through many experiences that has shaped his life and has since gone onto to write a book called Adventure in Everything.  In this book, Matt inspires his readers to do just that, find adventure in everything by bringing your dreams into your current relationships and professions.  Matt has also started his own guide and corporate/inspirational coaching service called Inner Passage.

So do your best to enjoy the abundances that this moment is offering to you.  I constantly have to remind myself that we are all on this journey together.  Humans need each other and if you are open to receive, then their is nothing stopping you from fully experiencing your heart felt desires and living your truth.

Pongua Falls, Vietnam

We here at PathWrangler are doing our best to make building and sharing your experiences easier then ever before.  If you are an adventurer at heart, tour operator, club or organization focused around adventure travel..then please take a moment to experience for yourself what being powered by PathWrangler is all about.

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