Mountains and Participants : There is Abundance!

North Col Mount Everest 2007 Photo: James Bingham

In the often perceived hyper competitive world of mountain guiding your greatest assets are your guides and the logistics you provide on mountains in which you venture.  Guides need work to make it financially and you need to have a full schedule in order to transition this job from being a lifestyle to an actual sustainable profession.  The dilemma that is often faced by companies is that they have a lot of work for guides on trips that are often run domestically, while the international work is limited to more senior guides.  The result is that mountain guiding becomes a seasonal job for most.  This is usually fine for some, although if your heartfelt intentions  resonate with this profession and your opportunities are limited, then we can often become torn.  This usually results in a guide having to move onto other opportunities such as finding a more sustainable job or going back to school at a time that is premature to the experience of fully living ones life as a mountain guide.

Gearing up for a climb of Lakpa Ri, Tibet Photo:James Bingham

The truth is that their is abundance in life within every facet we can imagine.  All you have to do is climb high in the Himalayas, Andes, or the Alaska Range to see the multitude of ridge lines and summits in an all encompassing 360 degree panorama of guiding opportunities.  When it comes to a customer base, well 6,973,738,433 is the current statistic of potential adventurers awaiting your connection.  The world is your oyster if you are courageous enough to show up and make your dreams a reality.  So create a niche for yourself, design new experiences and market yourself on the World Wide Web.  Not to take away from you working with a larger organization, just create a new type of trip that someone is not doing and build a focus around it.  You can even approach a larger company with your idea and see if they would be willing to meet you half way and support you in this venture?  Plus, you would be expanding your guiding into areas that are off the main trekking and mountaineering destinations and reinvigorating a renaissance into a new golden age of mountain guiding and exploration.

Looking out into the Shishapangma region of the Himalayas
Photo: James Bingham

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