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Near the summit of Mount Olympus, WA Photo: Eric Remza

I am passionate about guiding people in the mountains and my longing is to share this experience with others. I am very thankful for the opportunity to have worked within the realm of mountain guiding for the past 16 years.  This profession has been very good to me in providing a lifestyle built on inner and outer exploration and most importantly, laughter and having fun.  The alchemy of being a dependable mountain guide is built on the foundation of experiences measured by your reputation for being 100% committed to the safety and welfare of your participants.  To place their needs before yours, and to do your very best to listen to the voice within to intuitively keep you both in the moment.

Two of International Mountain Guides staff. Photo: Eric Remza

Find an independent guide or service that offers a high level of safety and success and continue to climb with them.  This unique relationship is a financial bond and most importantly a life one.  In turn, you both will be a mirror for each others development and growth.

As no two snowflakes are ever alike, the same can be said for any two mountain guides.  Each guide is a person unto themselves and they are unique in their style and personality.  They are a testament to embracing a profession that is very outside of today’s cultural norm and with this commitment comes a sacrifice to living on the razors edge of existence.  This direct union with embodied trust is found both in the mountains on the vanishing ridge and in the marketplace through a financial commitment.

Everest, Lhotse, and Nuptse from Pumori camp 1. Photo: Eric Remza

Mountains provide us with this solitude to help us move within.  It is a surrendering to our personal connection with nature and a step towards witnessing the noise that resonates more and more within our everyday lives.  The deeper we venture into our own essence, the more we rediscover what it is to be a true human being.

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