Learn to Survive in the Amazon Jungle

The thick, humid air hovers over a billion acres of dense, wet tropical rainforest; it spreads out over nine South American countries: Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.  The condensed canopy tree leaves only allow two percent of sunlight to reach the forest floor.  There are more plant and animal species living here than in any other environment on earth.  Its life force is the longest and largest river on the planet and winds its way through the land for more than 4,000 miles from the Andean mountains to the Atlantic Ocean.

This is the Amazon.

Its vast biodiversity and tremendous exotic beauty lures visitors, but it is mostly inhabitable and very dangerous.  Jaguars, boa constrictors, poisonous frogs and piranhas all make the Amazon and its rainforest their home and typically are not welcoming hosts.  So, if you’re left alone without any of the conveniences of modern life, what would it take to survive in the Amazon jungle?

Surviving in the Amazon is all about simple fundamentals.  If you take an Amazon survival course, you  will quickly learn that it is all about:


You’ll learn tactics and particulars to re-enforce this foundation: build traps to catch animals and a raft to fish; identify safe natural foods versus harmful plants, fruits, animals and insects; find water that’s safe to drink; build shelters, observation decks and a fire; use a machete; explore the area to learn to identify natural signs that point to safety or danger; search for wildlife; learn to defend yourself against predators and administer first aid.

Whether you have one day or ten to devote to jungle training these South American based tour operators can teach you the skills needed to survive in the deep jungle.

Amazon Brasil Tours
Amazon Expeditions
Amazon Explorer
Amazon Green Tours
Amazon Jungle Tour
Amazon Jungle Tours
Amazonia Expeditions
Jaguar Jungle Survival
Mogli Jungle
Yampu Tours

Go explore the Amazon.  Be one with the jungle.

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