Eric Remza: Prayers for Everyone Involved in the Manaslu Accident

For reference: today there was a big accident where there were reportedly 15 climbers caught in a massive avalanche on Manaslu in Nepal.  While any conclusive details of this incident are unknown at this time, I have some thoughts I’d like to share:

As I lay here in the comforts of my bed, my heart is with those on Manaslu, the 8th highest mountain in the World. When you are living at extreme altitude, the human body is only capable of so much to endure.  When death arrives from above, then you can only just take a deep sigh and thank the Divine that you are still breathing in this moment.  In the wake of this devastating circumstance, all I can do is honor the spirit of adventure and the path’s of those who were living on the razors edge of existence.  For me, mountain climbing is a staircase to the Universal truth of truly knowing one’s self and a remembrance of how fragile we are while we are exploring and having fun in nature.  For those who lost their lives in this most recent tragedy, and for those who are amongst the missing, all I can do is be thankful for this moment and embody the trust that my inner voice guides as I continue to dream, live, and grow.  Keep climbing and, in our dying, may we all find eternal light.


Alok Remza

North Bimini Island

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