TAPRA Intiatitve: Reducing Cost of Travel from North America to Europe

While we await the really BIG announcement to share with you, we acknowledge that we cannot contain the creativity and prowess of our team.  So, we’ve decided to create a special division within PathWrangler that we call, TARPA, or the Travel Advances Research Projects Agency.  This is a separate independent agency within PathWrangler that has a lofty mission:

TARPA’s mission is to maintain the technological superiority of PathWrangler and prevent technological surprise from harming our clients’ ability to deliver world class service to travelers and outdoor adventurers by sponsoring revolutionary, high-payoff research bridging the gap between fundamental discoveries and their use in travel.

TARPA has worked to enhance the travel industry by funding research and technology development that not only have empowered travelers capabilities, but have changed the way we live. Since the very beginning, TARPA aims to be the place for people with innovative ideas that lead to groundbreaking discoveries.

With that in mind, we’re please to announce our latest project.  Mikey Clarke, head researcher, explains the latest initiative that aims to solve the problem of expensive flights to and from North America and Europe:

We’re announcing the construction of thousands of gigantic steel cables and winches between the USA and Europe, to reverse continental drift and physically pull the two continents back together, to lower travel costs and allow easier holidaymaking.

TARPA aims to bring the world closer together, while reducing the cost of travel.  This is just one step.  Oh and one more note, on Aug 15th, HOLD ON!

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