Scuba Dive in a Museum…

…an underwater museum that is!  Located in the sea on the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico within the National Marine Park of Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Nizuc, is a museum created by sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor.  It’s comprised of over 400 life-size reinforced cement sculptures within two galleries.  The PH-neutral clay has allowed algae to form and invertebrates to proliferate.  This will in turn provide a new underwater habitat for coral to flourish while attracting colorful marine life.  The museum also hopes to attract divers and snorkelers away from the Peninsula’s delicate coral reefs and to give them some relief from all the traffic.

The museum is now a few years old now, which means the ocean’s inhabitants are well on their way to establishing it as their own.  Local dive operators, like AquaWorld, divePro Cancun Diving and Scuba Cancun, can outfit your trip and guide you to this unique place.

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