Rocks Worth Climbing in South America

South America offers great routes for rock climbing.  There are a few spectacular settings south of the equator; ideal spots to hone your spider-like skills, both mentally and physically:

Agulha do Diabo (Brazil)

Not far from Brazil’s famed city of Rio de Janeiro is Serra dos Órgãos National Park and within it lies the 6,725 ft. high Devil’s Needle. Although it is not the tallest peak in the park (Pedra do Sino holds that title at 7,425 ft.), it is an impressive rock formation in the heart of the park and has quite the view at the summit.  It is a challenge even for the most experienced climbers.

Cerro Torre (Patagonia, Argentina)

Stretching to 10,262 ft. in Argentina’s stunning area of Southern Patagonia Ice Field is the erect granite spire known as Cerro Torre.  It is imposing at first sight and is considered to be one of the more difficult mountains to climb and reach the summit due to the mushroom of rim ice that is caused by ever present strong winds.

Las Torres (Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile)

The vertical jagged peaks of The Three Towers in the Torres del Paine National Park of Chile vary in height from 7,415 ft. to 8,204 ft. and command breathtaking views of the mountains of the Paine massif and the valleys below.  There are other rock climbs in the Park, but these are the most popular.

Mount Roraima (Venezuela, Brazil, Guyana)

It has been said that Mount Roraima was the inspiration for the novel The Lost World.  This mammoth tepuis mountain rises high into the clouds to 9,219 ft.  This archaic geological sandstone rock formation borders Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana with high sheer cliffs and has a tropical ecosystem consisting of waterfalls, misty forests, gorges and unique flora and fauna that can only be found here.

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