Take a Flying Leap Off the Highest Bungee Jumping Spots

An infallible way to get a surge of adrenaline is to stand on the edge of a bungee jumping platform, glance down hundreds of feet while your gear is being secured and then taking a flying leap into the air.  A couple of New Zealanders introduced commercial jumping in the 1980s and since then jumping sites have popped up all over the world, with a few platforms hovering at staggering heights.

Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge (Canon City, Colorado)
1,053 ft. above the Arkansas River is the highest suspension bridge with stunning views of the surrounding canyon.  The Royal Gorge Route Railway and river below can be seen through the wooden slats of the walkway on route to the platform where an almost 10 second free fall awaits.

Nevis Highwire Bungy (Queenstown, New Zealand)
A cable car delivers jumpers to this site at 440 ft. in the air.  This jump has a 8.5 second free fall into a canyon that narrows quickly as the ground comes rushing up.

Colorado River Bridge (San Jose, Costa Rica)
Costa Rica is known for its tropical rainforests and jumping from a 265 ft. bridge in a canyon to a rocky river below with lush green vegetation around just adds a little something special to this 5 second free fall.

Verzasca Dam (Val Verzasca, Switzerland)
Made popular by the opening scene in the James Bond film Goldeneye this 721 ft. high dam has beautiful Lake Vogorno to look at on the way down.  There are four 007 jumps options, from the 007 Classic Jump for first timers to the 007 Ultimo for more experienced jumpers who are not easily shaken by the dizzying height.

Volcano Bungee (Pucon, Chile)
Most anyone can bungee jump over a river or canyon, but it takes a special adrenaline junkie to be able to jump from a helicopter into an active volcano.  The 375 ft. jump is made more thrilling by feeling the heat from the pool of molten lava that is within 700 ft.

Although the thrill of free falling is quick and exciting it’s the experience that will continue to bounce back into your memory for years to come.

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