Have Wind, Will Soar: Top Spots For Kiteboarding

Wind, water, wave conditions and the location itself all play a part in making a destination ideal for kiteboarding.  Without a doubt there are many great kiteboarding locations around the world, but here are just a few top spots to catch some wind and go soaring.

Red Sea, Egypt
With consistent year-round wind and predominately flat water, Egypt’s western shore offers the best conditions for kiteboarding on the Red Sea. Soma Bay, Playkite and Mangroovy Beach area are good for both beginners and advanced riders.  Best time to kiteboard: between May and September.

Tarifa, Spain
This extremely popular, therefore very crowded spot is a huge mecca for kiteboarders.  It’s located at the opening of the Mediterranean, the Strait of Gibraltar, and has a variety of excellent wind conditions for all levels. The area of Valdevaqueros has the flat water and Los Lances has the waves generating from the Atlantic.  Best time to kiteboard: between March and October.

Boracay, Philippines
Considered one of the most beautiful of the 7,000 Philippine islands, Boracay offers white beaches to launch from and the trade winds are always present.  The turquoise blue lagoon of Bulabog Beach is perfect for beginners with its flat water and, for those wanting waves, head over to Golf Course and Puka Beach on the northern shore.  Best time to kiteboard: between December and April.

Cape Town, Africa
This area already has a lot going for it with its beautiful Table Mountain and Robben Island as a scenic backdrop and an exuberant city.  Its wind conditions can be relied upon to be consistent, making it a popular spot.  Both Kite Beach and Dolphin Beach have somewhat calmer waters in the morning and guaranteed higher waves and wind speed in the afternoon whereas Langebaan’s water is as smooth as glass for beginners.  Best time to kiteboard: between November and March.

Ceara, Brazil
With a northeastern coastline stretching for 356 miles, Ceara has a plethora of kiteboarding locations to appease every level of expertise. From lagoons near shore to waves out at sea Ceara is not lacking in variety.  Cauipe Lagoon and Lagoa Taiba are great places to master skills, Cumbuco Beach offers an easy riding experience, except when the wind and high tides picks up and it gets choppy.  Best time to kiteboard: between July and December.

Maui, United States
Turquoise water and nice sandy beaches contribute to Maui being a hotspot for all types of water sports.  But, it also attracts kiteboarding enthusiasts as well with it strong trade winds.  Places like Kihei, Kite Beach, Naish Beach have flat water near the shore for beginners and big waves breaking further out on the outside reef for the experienced riders.  Best time to kiteboard: between May and October.

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