New Release! Tell Your Story…

New Release! Tell Your Story…

Earlier this year, PathWrangler brought you and industry first: a web-based platform that empowers you to easily create adventure trips and then collaborate with others on them.  Since then, we’ve also added Google Maps and photo sharing to your locations so you can visualize your planned trips.  We’ve not only made trip planning easier, we’ve made it much more fun and insightful.

Seeing our users build amazing trips, we’ve now created a way for you to share your individual stories with each other after your trip is over.  PathWrangler now takes you beyond trip planning and into memorializing your trips, so your personal experiences are enhanced beyond your wildest imagination.  Not only do we help you to build memories, we give you a way to tell them better.

Here are a couple of highlights on how we’ve made telling your story beneficial to you:

  • Individual Stories within Elements: tell your stories when and where they happened.  Your Itinerary isn’t just a guide for managing your trip, it is the common story for the group.  Using the Itinerary, you can now tell your individual stories and view the stories of those you traveled wiith in one place.
  • Photosharing: part of your story isn’t just the words, but the visuals.  You can upload your pictures when and where they occurred.  You can view the photos shared by others there, too.
  • Privacy Settings: you decide who can see your stories.  Some of your stories will be very personal, so you can write private stories only visable to you.  You can make others visable to just to those who you traveled with.  Trip Organizers have a way to collect information about how the trip was run just with each other.

Your story, when and where it happened.

See stories from those on the trip with your’s.

Load your photos when and where they happened and share with your fellow travelers. 

Who is Find This Useful

  • Travelers & Outdoor Enthusiasts love this because they now have a way to store their personal experiences in a way that is not only easy, but in a way that simple travel journals can never capture.  They can share these moments with those they traveled with or others.
  • Tour Operators, Guides, Outdoor Clubs and Expedition Leaders – love this as a way to collect and share information about how a trip went, as well as getting testimonials from those they organized the trip for.  This helps to run better trips in the future and keep their clients and members to stay connected and engaged intimately with them after the trip is over.

Start Telling Your Stories (Getting Started)

  • If you have an existing trip that has already been completed, simply head over, memorialize the trip and start writing your stories and sharing your pictures.
  • You can also create trips you’ve done in past by building a trip from scratch, memorializing it and then tell your stories.  Don’t forget to invite those who went on the trip with you!

Head on over and start tell your stories today.  If you’d like to know more about getting started with PathWrangler, but would like to speak with someone first, please contact us directly at  We’d love to help you to build and share your memories easier and better than ever before!

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