Eric Remza: Final Post: Mt Everest 2012

Sunrise over the summit of Everest

Overcast skies with moisture beckoning to be set free, vegetation ripe with the aroma of Spring in Emerald City commonly known as Seattle; a populous that call this land home. From the shores of Puget Sound to the Cascadian mountains that silhouette the horizon, it is a awesome to be back in one of the communities in which I have rooted myself.  Every time that I return from an adventure across the deep oceans and faraway continents to the mythical lands and cultures of my dreams, something changes deep within.  It is a transformational change of extending out into ones comfort zone into the existential uncertainty of life.

Everest 2012 was unique in its own way, a pilgrimage of many, with a common purpose of setting ones foot upon the highest point of Terra Firma.  The allure of this mountain is saturated in the minds eye of the human condition; a conquer or be conquered dilemma of ambition, persistence and perseverance.  In light of such undertones, the sacredness that is climbing a mountain is a truly magical experience and it is an opportunity that is destined for us all.

It was an honor to be back in the presence of the high Himalaya again; to share this experience with new eyes and to be alive in all that encompasses you in that moment.  What an amazing planet in which we all live, laugh, breath, and love.  Coming home is a true reward and dreaming of the next adventure is a true gift.

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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated on your trip. It’s as if we were there with you. One day hopefully I will be on a climb with you

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