Waiting on Summit Rotation & a Climb Up to Pumori Camp 1 – (Eric Remza: Mt Everest Update)

Greetings from Everest Base Camp!

It has been a couple days now since we arrived back from our short vacation down to Pangboche and already we are getting antsy here at Everest Base.  We are currently in a holding pattern here until we get the green light to move ahead on our summit rotation, so till then we are doing what we can to stay patient and entertained.

This morning we decided to rally as a group and head up to Pumori Camp 1 to stretch our legs (and lungs) for a much needed hike.  Pumori Camp 1 rests at an elevation of 19,100 ft and is a 1,500 vertical gain from our tents at Everest Base.  Gaining the vantage point of Pumori Camp 1 is a nice way to gain a new perspective of the surrounding topography where the mountains take on a completely different feel.  Pumori is 23,494 ft (7161m) tall and straddles the border between Nepal and China (Tibet).  Often known as “Everest’s Daughter”, it is actually known in the Sherpa language as the “Unmarried Daughter”.  A often attempted mountain, it very rarely sees successful summits and its reputation is that of a very dangerous objective due to its unstable avalanche prone slopes above.

Living here at Everest Base we are situated in the bottom of the great Khumbu Valley and at the base of some of the largest mountains on the planet. Our location therefore prevents us from being able to see more then what is immediately around us due to the giant scale of our surrounding glacial moraines and ice.  It is absolutely amazing to see the surrounding area once we gain some elevation; a walk up to Pumori Camp 1 offers the perfect remedy!

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