Summit Rotation Begins Tomorrow: (Eric Remza – Mt Everest Update)

As I lay here in the comforts of my tent here at Everest Base, my body relaxed, my stomach full and my mind at ease…the underlying truth is that I am beginning to embark on a mental, physical and also a spiritual pilgrimage to the highest point of Terra Frima on planet Earth.

Tomorrow, in the early morning hours, we will yet again make our way through the labyrinth of ice which is the Khumbu Ice Fall.  We will then find ourselves in the heart of the Western Cwm, the gigantic valley that is guarded by the “big three”, Nuptse, Lhotse, and of course Chomolungma, Sagarmartha, aka Mount Everest.  After arriving at Camp 2 and having had ascended 4,000 vertical feet, we will again rest our heads and ease our our aching bodies into a slumber for the next 36 hours as we allow ourselves to again become acquainted with life at 21,500 ft above sea level.

If all goes as planned we will then disembark for our Camp 3 which is at an elevation of 24,000 ft, spend the night and hopefully awaken to a calm morning on the 25th for our move up to our high camp at the South Col.  We hope to get to the South Col (26,000 ft) early enough to rest before our final summit push which hopefully (weather and health dependent) will be for the 26th.

Climbing Mount Everest is a full value experience and will take everything we have mentally and physically to endure this next week.  One step at a time, one day at a time…to enjoy each moment and to become one with everything…I am happy to have this opportunity once again.  Much thanks to existence and my path and thank you for following along!

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