RIP Ryan Faubion

With great sadness within the extended PathWrangler family today, I regret to announce the passing of Ryan Faubion.  Ryan was the owner of Bold Exp who, along with Matt Dimmet, was responsible for doing all the wonderful design work for PathWrangler.

To say Ryan was a great guy is an understatement.  The personal times I’ve spent with Ryan in Bloomington, Indiana over the years, as well as intimately working with him for 6 months on our company, I got to know a stalwart individual who put his heart and deep, quiet passion into everything he did.  I enjoyed the endless discussions with Ryan about music and his insane record collection.

It has been a hard couple of years for Ryan battling cancer and recovering from the treatment, but I never heard a peep from him; he fought and remained true to himself during this time.  We highlight a lot of individuals who do courageous things on this blog, but Ryan can claim the summit courage.

No further details yet, but we’ll pass along condolences to his family.  He is survived by his wife Jane and their son Nils.

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