“Not So Far” Movie Trailer

Recently I wrote about Italian mountaineer Hervé Barmasse and his father opening a new route on Monte Rosa in the Italian Alps in 2011.  This was only one of three new routes Hervé chose to create on three of the highest peaks in the Alps in three different ascent styles no less.  The other two routes were created on Monte Bianco (Mont Blanc) with two friends and Monte Cervino (the Matterhorn), which he did alone.

These three ambitious climbing adventures were captured on film and the result is the soon to be released movie Not So Far.

The Barmasse Trilogy is a tribute to high mountains and to the inexhaustible spirit of classical mountaineering, the same spirit that prompted Mummery to write: “The true mountaineer is the man who attempts new ascents, and equally, whether he succeeds or fails, delights in the fun and joy of the struggle”.

Video courtesy of Adventure Blog and the North Face.

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