IMG South Side Classic Team Update

I just received a quick note from Eric.  The IMG Hybrid Team made the summit a little while ago.  Due to everyone waiting on the North and South Side, it was pretty crowded up on the summit.  Everyone is down safe.  Now Eric’s team is waiting for their window.  Eric Simonson reports:

The weather for the next few days does not sound too good with higher winds back in the forecast. By the 25th, however, it is supposed to get calmer again, so the Classic climbers are getting geared up to hit this next favorable window. They will be heading up in the next day or two to get in position for their summit bids.

Stay tuned.  The big day is coming soon.


  1. My students and I are watching your progress! We are trying to imagine how amazing (and difficult) it must be to climb Mt. Everest, so the reports help us understand your daily experiences. In California, 6th graders learn Earth science, and that’s why your adventure is a perfect situation for us to learn about how people interact with one of our planet’s most extreme environments. We love your pictures. Thank you and best wishes!

    • Hello Barbara! So excited to see you and your class following the IMG team along. The next couple of days are going to be really exciting for them as, during the next 36 hours, they’ll be taking a shot at the summit! They also appreciate all the good vibes you are sending their way.

      Re: our company, PathWrangler. We are avid adventurers and are also passionate educators. We’d love to interact more with your class if you guys are interested. Maybe we can put a short thing together for you so you can see how one climbs Mt Everest, the specific geography and geology and how it poses a challenge to those climbing the mountain.

      • Absolutely would love it; please proceed with putting something together for us. Everyday we wonder what is happening with the climbers. Having background information available from PathWrangler would be really great in helping us understand what is entailed with a climb like this. The more we can know about the physical environment the better. I’ll link the page to my classroom website so that my students can access this information at home too. Thanks for your interest in our learning!

  2. Check out this site:

    It belongs to Alan Arnette, a great guy who spends a lot of time and energy following the Everest season on his blog. Alan summited Everest last year raising money for Alzheimer’s. He’s a great guy and has some of the most detailed info on the mountain out there!

    When my partner Eric returns, maybe we can have to talk to your class via Skype or something like that!

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