Greatest Mission Statement of All Time

This is for all of you business owners (start-ups, tour operators, guides, etc) out there.  It is critical to your business to have a mission statement for yourself that reflects the core values of your organization and your team.  It is a guide, if you will, for the soul of your organization and it could determine your success or failure.

With this in mind, my good friend Kevin Lincks has created a new mission statement for his Emeryville/Oakland California-based company Red Cloud.  Their business provides wireless solutions.  In order to meet their demanding market, Kevin has written the single greatest mission statement in the history of commerce.  Red Cloud provided us with a quality sat phone so that we could communicate between Antarctica and San Francisco.

Feel free to pass along and even implement in your own organization–if you are audacious enough:

Red Cloud’s pioneering global initiative has leveraged mind share with C-Level contacts from iconic, archetypal Fortune 500,000 firms to form a dynamic go-to-market 21st century repurposing, a sleeve of visionary value propositions addressing top-of-mind concerns of mobile workforces with a confluence of transformational, enabling mission critical enterprise technologies utilizing a spectrum of symbologies to iterate a convergence of game-changing next generation mashable application suites, field mobility solution sets and integrated system portfolios platforming on secure, capacitous, resilient, robust I.P. infrastructure seamlessly optimized through modular, scaleable, integritous software-configurable digital interoperable broadband future-proof architecture, with best-in-class attributes.

Red Cloud’s compelling ROIs evangelize bleeding-edge network-enabled data capture forklift solutions, empowering stakeholders to drill down, take a deeper dive, go granular, leverage core competencies and streamline actionable synergies, liaise with their diverse, progressive, value-add partner community in a holistic, collaborative interprofessional lifelong learning framework, maximizing knowledge capital in an immersive clickthrough to the event horizon of a paradigm-shifting sea change: a critical path analysis of percolating entrepreneurial inflection points, incentivizing both brick-and-mortar and virtual cloud-based downstream constituencies to think outside the box, proactively transcend their corporate lexicon and relanguage organizational shibboleths, become thought leaders in their professional métier, and cross the digital divide with transparent management visibility into alternative, crusading new economy venture bizmeths promoting best practices, situational awareness, ethical accountability, gender equity, social responsibility, green energy utilization, renewable resource sustainability and organic wellness.

Red Cloud’s innovative B2B cross-platform transmedia algorithmic workflow designs bring to the table real-time benchmarking, client-centric, eyeball-driving social presence bookmarking and differentiated throughput analytics, elaborating go-forward lifecycle management, ensuring investment protection while enhancing supply chain integrity, limiting burn-in, speeding productized deliverables, rightsizing cost, rightshoring assets, limiting risk, ensuring balance sheet integrity, maximizing revenue with cross-border collateral into dark liquidity pools, augmenting upstream equity toward totemic valuations, while compounding shareholder value through responsible, value-focused corporate governance.

Achieving win-win outcomes for going concerns at the end of the day.

In short, we sell radios. Call us (888-855-5353).

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