Tracking Bengal Tigers in India

The tiger. One of the world’s more exotic, elusive and very endangered species.  As their numbers dwindle the chance to observe them in their natural habitat becomes more difficult. Of the original nine species of tigers only six remain.

India is home to one of those species, the Bengal tiger.  With several national parks India is helping to preserve these big cats.   A tiger safari through India’s jungles to track the Bengal would be a rare adventure.  Tracking by jeep would be nice, but a better way to experience them would be by sitting on the back of an elephant.  Being on an elephant in India’s oppressive summer heat does not sound appealing, but the cooler season between October and mid-April is ideal for tiger safaris in the following national parks:

The following India based tour companies offer tiger safaris in these parks:

Tigers are hands down my favorite of the wild animals.  As I’ve watched them at zoos, wild animal parks and inside casinos, I imagine the day, that is hopefully not too far off, where I too am on the back of a massive elephant in the presence of these majestic creatures in the jungles of India.  One day.

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