Spotlight: Eric Remza Guiding Mt Everest

Eric on the Summit of Mount Everest in 2007

Our co-founder, Eric Remza, has been given the privilege to join one of the IMG expeditions as a guide on Mount Everest this season.  They will attempt to summit via the South Col route.  We’ll be posting periodic updates from Eric’s perspective here.  You’ll be able to get an up close and personal view of what it is like to guide the world’s tallest mountain.  Eric previously guided a successful summit of Mt Everest back in 2007 on the North Route.

So far, we’ve followed Eric up 4 of the 7 summits: Vinson (Antarctica), Cartstez Pyramid (Indonesia), Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) and Aconcagua (Argentina) as well as an incredible expedition up Cho Oyu (Tibet), one of the worlds 8,000 meter peaks.  After this Everest expedition, he’ll be guiding an attempt on the tallest mountain in Europe, Mt Elbrus.  Although we didn’t follow Eric on our PathWrangler blog at the time, he has previously guided McKinley/Denali (many, many times!), so the 7 Summits will be accomplished if all goes well on Elbrus.

Just a note – Not only is Eric one of our co-founders, he’s a dear friend, so I have to express how proud I am of him of his accomplishments and am excited about his upcoming opportunities.  However, you need to know this about Eric: he would be the last person to count the notches on his belt.  A few years ago, while climbing with Eric in Central Washington, he was very candid in saying that he doesn’t view mountain climbing as something where he “knocks mountains off a check list” or that he’s looking to build his resume.  He is not motivated by accomplishments; he’s just someone who loves a challenge, is super passionate about the mountains and he loves guiding people.  He’s a natural leader with a gift for teaching, encouragement and the ability to unflinchingly make tough decisions to ensure the safety of his team.

You’re really going to enjoy following Eric over the course of the next few months here.  Also, check out IMG’s expedition page for an in depth look at the team’s progress.

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