New Feature: Notifications on Conversations

We rolled out a new feature last night: notifications for comments.  Here you can see all the new conversations that you haven’t read since your last activity.  Now you don’t have to go all the way into the trip and see if there have been any additional comments since your last interactions.  This is very helpful for those that are managing multiple trips and templates as you are notified of new activity within your conversations on particular trips.  You can see the number of new comments, which aggregate the activity for your account.

See the number by your account. Those are the new comments you haven't read yet.

Clicking on the number, you’ll get a scrolling list of new comment by person and in what trip they’ve commented on.  You can click any of the alerts and it will take you right to the conversation where the new activity occurred.

Why no email notification?  PathWrangler is designed to give relief to your email inbox.  We don’t want to flood your inbox with unnecessary clutter each time a comment has been made.  In trip planning, some threads can be very long as people get excited about their trips and are bonding with their fellow travelers.

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