Zipping Down The Best Cables In The World

Imagine the adrenaline rush you could get from zipping through the air, high above the ground at speeds of up to 100 mph.  Secured to a metal cable by only a harness and a helmet for safety, this simple activity has grown in popularity with some of the best cables located in great scenic spots around the world.

Sun City | South Africa
Unreal Zipslide 2000 gets tandem riders up to speeds of 100 mph for over a mile at a height of 918 ft., making this line the fastest and longest in the world.

Monteverde | Costa Rica
Rising above 200 ft. and with a length of over a mile zip liners are treated to views of volcanoes and rain forests.  Sky Trek and Selvatura can give you the best ride.  Wildlife like toucans and monkeys can be experienced as well as night tours where nocturnal animals come out to play and erupting volcanoes are more dramatic.

Grouse Mountain | British Columbia
A five-line circuit covering the awe-inspiring scenery of both Grouse Mountain and Dam Mountain hovers about 200 ft. from the ground and will take two hours to complete.

Aberfoyle | Scotland
At 150 ft. above and a length of 1312 ft. one can zoom over a 90 ft. waterfall and take in the gorgeous mountain scenery that surrounds the wooded forest below.  GoApe can get you flying like a monkey through these trees in no time.

Hoonah Icy Strait Point | Alaska
ZipRider has several locations throughout the U.S., but the one in Hoonah has a 5,330 ft. long zip line that goes over a deep forest as the view of the water rushes by at 60 mph.  It takes just under two minutes to complete the 1,320 ft. vertical drop.

Orocovis | Puerto Rico
The dense rain forest canopy and suspension bridges make up the setting for this platform to platform adventure offered by Toro Verde.  With speeds up to 60 mph and a length of 4,745 ft., flying 300 ft. above ground never felt so exhilarating.

What a thrill to soar through the sky on long cables with the greatest of speed. Not only does zip lining have the advantage of a bird’s eye view of picturesque landscapes, but also the enjoyment of just being above it all.

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