The Wall of Gengis Khan is Part of the Great Wall of China

Part of China’s Great Wall has been discovered outside of its borders in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert.  With the help of other Great Wall researchers, Google Earth and GPS, William Lindesay, a British explorer, uncovered this 62-mile long section of the wall that has been lost for 1,000 years and thought to be the wall of Gengis Khan.

I have been looking at this area since 1997, when a friend gave me a copy of an atlas showing the red lines of Genghis Khan’s attacks and counter-attacks, and underneath those are the strands of wall.  – William Lindesay

The Telegraph article explains more about the findings of this wall that is made of mainly of dirt and shrubs and spans a height anywhere from shin level to shoulder level.

Since the Great Wall of China is comprised of different types of structures and routes created by many Chinese dynasties, the Ming Dynasty built over 4,000 miles of it, this is the first part to be located beyond China’s borders.

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