PathWrangler is Live!

Pathwrangler is now live!  After several months in private beta, we are opening our product up to the public.

PathWrangler is an industry first: a way to build, collaborate and memorialize all your adventures.  It is the premier experience for building and storing memories.

During our short Beta period, PathWrangler was used to help people get to all 7 continents, the highest point on earth (Summit of Mount Everest), the lowest point in the United States (Death Valley), Namibian Safaris, the jungles of New Guinea and Brazil, through the glaciers of Patagonia, the ruins of the Aztecs and Mayans in Mexico, the ski huts of France and Switzerland, through the mountains of Scotland, across Siberia and to the top of the Sierras.

This doesn’t mean that we are done!  We’re continually adding a new features to PathWrangler in the upcoming months based on user feedback and hope you’ll continue to give us even more as we make the experience even better for you.

On a personal note, this labor of love is just the beginning for us, but the story of us getting here has been quite the adventure in itself.  There have been many difficult bumps in the road that we’ve overcome and it is testament to our indefatigable team who stuck together and rose up to each roadblock along the way.  I believe the passion, dedication and sweat that it took to get passed these roadblocks is built right into the 1’s and 0’s of this application.  I couldn’t ask for better crew of people: Mikey, Eric, DG, Brad, Neal and Angelique, you guys are the greatest.

Why are you still reading this?  We’re live!  Get out of here and start building your adventures today!




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