A Cultural Journey in the Negev Desert

Negev Desert is a vast desert area that covers more than half of Israel’s landscape and is mostly made up or rocks, canyons, caves and craters.  Kraig Becker writes of an upcoming PermaNegev trip to this sparsely populated place that will concentrate on the culture and sustainability of its people.

Travel can be such an incredible, life altering, experience, both for us, and the people that we interact with on our journeys. But seldom is that more clearly defined than in the case of an upcoming special trip from an organization called Bustan, which works closely with indigenous Bedouin tribes of the Negev Desert, a rocky, arid region located in southern Israel.

Not only will the desert tribes benefit from this, but it is a unique eye opening experience for the participants to be able to really immerse themselves in a new culture for five months.  It’s a great opportunity to learn desert skills, an Arabic language and the area’s history.  It’s bound to give a sense of satisfaction for contributing to the sustainability of a community.

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