Wheelchair-Bound; Around the World Bound

I was quietly sipping on a cup of Earl Grey on the Sunday morning, nursing a small hangover, when I was introduced to a chap called Andy Campbell.  Well, blow me down, I nearly choked on my tea when Andy told me what he was setting off to do in 2012.

Ants Bolingbroke-Kent recently had a sit down Q&A chat with Andy Campbell, a disable adventurer.  Andy has been confined to a wheelchair for 8 years yet this summer he is embarking on a 30,000-mile adventure around the world for the next 2 years.

It will be monumentally challenging.  A unique journey that will be physically, mentally and technically intense, with a wide range of skills and equipment needed to overcome the myriad of obstacles along the way.  The distance itself is daunting enough, but the logistics of traversing a natural world not designed for wheelchairs makes things infinitely more difficult.  It will be huge in all respects.  But it will also be an incredible experience with lots of stories, which I plan to share along the way. – Andy Campbell

This epic journey will take him from the UK through Europe and into China before heading to Alaska to continue the journey through North and South America.  His mode of transportation will not only be his specialized wheelchair, but also a handcycle, kayak and paraglider- all fueled by the strength of his arms.  With unforgiving mother nature challenging him along the way, Andy will definitely be testing and pushing his limits.

With a message like “Die Living” one can only be truly inspired by Andy and his mission.

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