Snorkeling with Churchill’s Beluga Whales

The chilly subarctic waters of Churchill, Manitoba is the summer home for over 3,000 white beluga whales that migrate from the frigid Arctic in July and August to feed and birth calves.  It is a perfect opportunity for snorkelers to have personal interactions with these friendly creatures.

Belugas are highly intelligent yet curious cetaceans and do not seem to mind sharing the Churchill River with snorkelers, often coming extremely close to humans to check them out.  It has been said that it is the humans, not the whales, who seem to be on exhibit, especially since the belugas have the ability to move their flexible necks for a better look.

The following Canadian tour companies will get you into the water to experience these gentle giants:

Whether you are in the water for twenty minutes or over an hour, let yourself feel the vibrations of the bat-like echolocation, songs and chatter, and experience an amazing encounter with thousands of “sea canaries”.

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