Traversing Antarctica: A Woman’s Solo Attempt

The expedition fills me with equal amounts of terror and excitement – but I think that is exactly the way it ought to be…  in my mind and my heart I am already there. I can smell the air, hear the wind, see the pale shades of the snow – I can feel it. – Felicity Aston

British adventurer, Felicity Aston, is well into the third week of her quest to be the first solo woman to traverse Antarctica.  Known as the Kaspersky ONE Trans-Antarctic Expedition, this is an attempt to cross over 1,000 miles of Antarctica terrain, which includes a stop at the South Pole.

There is no one assisting her. She is transporting all her survival supplies through the harsh, unforgiving weather conditions of Antarctica.  On top of that she is alone for 70 days. Enduring all this will be not only be a physical, but a mental challenge for her.

Follow Felicity on this inspiring journey of adventure, ambition and solitude.

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