PathWrangler Launches Private Beta

Today, PathWrangler is proud to announce that it has launched a whole lot of awesome on the adventure travel and outdoor community.  PathWrangler is a revolutionary tool that  makes building and storing experiences easier than ever before.

Let’s face it, planning an adventure trip or an outdoor excursion is like herding cats. It can be maddening to get everyone and everything prepared. We’ve built a collaborative web tool that makes trip planning not only easy, but fun.  The goal is empower you so that your only limitation is your imagination and sense of wonder.  It can be used just as easily by professional guides running recurring excursions to the Himalayas to avid outdoor enthusiasts planning their next camping trip to Yosemite with a few friends or family members.  The days of chasing people down over email and managing trips with spreadsheets, PDFs, Word, Excel and Google Docs are over!

Who is giving us love for what we created for them?

Guides and Adventure Operators love us because we make their businesses run better.  We significantly cut down on their office work and help them to build deeper bonds with their clients prior to the trip.  Customization, trip changes, queries from customers, eye-candy quality presentation of trip itineraries, recommended gear fulfillment, packing lists, logistical support and sharing “beta” or information with other guides is not only more efficient, but more engaging and dynamic.

Travelers and Outdoor Enthusiasts love us for two reasons: 1) we provide a great way for them to interact with their adventure providers on their trips.  There is always a conversation from the time a traveler signs up for a trip to the time they are ready to leave.  We make that conversation collaborative, easy and way more fun.  2) We also provide them a way to organize their personal trips with friends and family as well.  It is far easier to herd the cats get everyone organized and out exploring.  In the end, all that planning and hard work is memorialized forever.

Private Beta

All this is available if you were lucky enough to get an invite to our Private Beta.  In this next stage, we’ll be working with our existing customers and thought leaders to build the next stage of our product before we launch it to the public.

For those that are interested in Beta and either haven’t been contacted by us yet or made a request, please request through our homepage and we’ll do our best to get to you as soon as we can.  In these beginning stages, we are absolutely committed to personal service for all of our customers, so bare with us as we get everyone onboard and settled.


I’m absolutely thrilled to be working with such an incredible team that has put in so much work and overcome a lot of adversity to get us here.  Eric Remza (Customer Development), Mikey Clarke (Tech Lead), DG Elmore (Investor/Advisor), Brad Wisler (Advisor), Neal Patel (Advisor), Angelique Coffee (our blogger extraordinaire ).  I’m amazed not only at the talent and vision of our team, but of the indefatigable nature of each one of you as we took a kernel of an idea and turned it into something that we know will change adventure travel forever.  All of us are going to be banding together to provide the best service to our present and future customers.

A huge thanks to Axel Albin and Josh Kamler of Language in Common and Ryan Faubion and Matt Dimmit of Bold Exp for their tremendous concepting, design and implementation.

Also, we didn’t build this product in a vacuum.  We had some really incredible guides, tour operators and thought leaders that have been working with us since the early days to focus our efforts on building the right product.  We’ll provide more detailed info on who these visionaries are and how they contributed in the near future.

In the meantime, pack your bags!  Adventure Travel just got a whole lot easier.

Doug Heinz – CEO & Co-Founder


  1. Congratulations everyone! As I’ve always believed, the world is only a plane ride away. Your tool will make it easier to manage that journey. Freddie Remza

  2. Congrats Eric.. Best of luck to you and the Path wrangler team .. I will spread the word.. Chrissy..

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