Norway’s King Crab Safari: Pass The Melted Butter

A red king crab safari is a rather unique option to the typical arctic excursions found in Norway. Near the town of Kirkenes you can sit back and relax, floating in a dry suit on the Barents Sea surface while professional divers brave frigid waters below to retrieve massive crustaceans for you. If you are a certified diver, then you can join your guide on an ice dive and personally pick your own.

Although not the prettiest species in the sea, the king crab is definitely one of the most delicious. Scientists first introduced these delectable creatures in to this northern Russian sea in the 1960s. Since then the crabs have multiplied into the millions and migrated into Norway. This delicacy has the ability to grow up to 4.9 feet and weigh in at 22 pounds.

This safari is done year round. In winter, the sea can be reached by snow mobile; the rest of the year by boat.

It’s the rare experience that one can catch and eat their own dinner from the deep arctic sea.

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