New CamelBak Water Bottle: UV Protection Against Bacteria

What did I like? The taste of my water.

Bacteria. Viruses. Protozoa. CamelBak has come up with a purifying system that will kill 99.99% of these microscopic creepy crawlies that lurk in mountain lakes and streams by using a powerful ultra-violet light technology.

Brendan Leonard gives a detail review hereThe CamelBak All Clear Microbiological UV Water Purifier Kit will include a 0.75L Tritan Better bottle with classic cap, All Clear cap, protective cover and a recharge cable. The cable has a mini USB that plugs directly into the cap and connects to a wide range of USB compatible such as wall chargers, laptops and cell phones.

It probably won’t replace your need for the bigger hydration packs for long trips, but it would easily be handy on day outings or on daily travels when you’re staying in a hotel in a foreign country where the local bacteria isn’t as friendly to your gut.

This new bottle will be coming out in March 2012 with a price tag of $99.


    • This bottle will be available in February, 2012. Most likely they will appear at places like R.E.I. or other outdoor gear retailers.

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