Please Welcome Mikey Clarke!

Everyone, please welcome a huge new addition to our team: Mikey Clarke.  We here at PathWrangler feel that our team was lacking the international flair that our business depends on, so we went all the way out to Wellington, New Zealand to find him.  Not only are we excited to have Mikey join us, we’re also excited that we are going to have the best offsites ever!

Mikey is our new web developer.  I asked him to put together a little blurb about himself and here is a little more about him in his own words:

Hi! I’m Mikey, and I’m a web developer, in Wellington, New Zealand. I’ve been in web development for several years, doing all sorts of fun projects, mainly working with Ruby on Rails and jQuery. My job at PathWrangler is to randomly bang my head on the keyboard and retrospectively give cool assurance that the resulting code base is exactly what I intended. Outside of work, I do quite a bit of writing – some of my stuff is on New Zealand’s history is a bit boring and sparse, so I wrote some more.

Mikey has been quite prolific and has an incredible passion for innovation and development.  I was really impressed with a great site that he built called Find My Flat.  There are some very strong similarities to the mapping features on deck here at PathWrangler.  He’s our key “take all the sketches, drawing, conversations and user stories and make them a reality guy.”  I wonder if that he’ll approve of that title on his business card?

More so than anything, you’ll note he’s just a great guy with lots of personality.  We are hoping to build a solid reputation for being a little quirky, yet incredibly personal with our product and service.  Mikey embodies these values and I think you are really going to enjoy his contributions as a key part of our team that will be delivering something the adventure travel and outdoor community has yet to experience.

Please give Mikey a warm welcome!


  1. Thanks, Doug! Working at PathWrangler will be a huge amount of fun, I’m really looking forward to it. One thing I do need to point out, though – wasn’t originally my idea, it was my brother’s, @clarketus, and I came along a bit later and added extra features to it. As fun as it is to claim that cool things like that were my idea, credit where credit’s due.

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