Mt. Noshaq Is Reopened To Lure Adventure Seekers

… Afghanistan still has a long way to go to convince travelers that it is a safe place to visit. But by reopening Mt. Noshaq and promoting treks like the Wakhan Valley, they have taken steps to demonstrate to the world that they are a first class adventure travel destination with untapped natural resources for those bold enough to experience it.

The highest mountain in the war-beaten Afghanistan has been recently reopened to foreigners in hopes that Mt. Noshaq will once again lure mountaineers and climbers to its summit. After three decades of being off limits due to political unrest, not to mention approach trails riddled with Soviet land mines, the fourth tallest mountain in the jagged-peaked mountain range of Hindu Kush is now available to the world once more.

Kraig Becker writes in more detail about the reopening of Mt. Noshaq. Perhaps adventure seekers will, in time, feel safe enough to explore this area in detail.

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