Have Booze Will Travel

Imagine you and your friends are on a great weekend adventure and you are spending it backpacking a challenging route through the backcountry. You have been hydrating and feeding your body each day with water, nuts, energy bars, etc and reapplying a protective shield of sun block over the sweat from the day’s activities. As evening approaches, you settle into camp, eat a hearty dinner and treat yourself to a libation. After working so hard, a light beer just won’t do it.

Gear Shed has three alternate ways for carrying the booze to camp. For the wine lovers there is the Platypus Preserve, the whiskey drinker should consider packing the Innate Trad Flask and I personally like the ingenious reusable stainless steel bottles by Kru 82 Vodka.

Booze hounds rejoice: you don’t have to leave the great outdoors to high-tail it to the nearest bar for your reward.

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