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Climbers are always engaged in a never ending quest for Beta.  Summitpost is a tremendous and growing source of user generated content for mountains, peaks and rocks around the world.  Although this has been a great resource, Guidebooks are still very important sources of detailed information from known experts in a particular area.  In the past, finding the best Guidesbooks was pretty challenging.  The American Alpine Club just released a really cool aggregator tool based on Google Maps that will display all the Guidebooks in their library for the area that you select.

The American Alpine Club is pleased to announce the launch of its newest informational tool: The AAC Guidebook Finder. Sponsored by Patagonia, an AAC Industry Partner, the Guidebook Finder provides a Google Maps-powered interface to make finding one of the thousands of guidebooks in the AAC Library intuitive, easy, and efficient. Check out the Guidebook Finder by

The Guidebook Finder is one more way the AAC is implementing goals set in its Five Year Strategic Plan, announced in February. One goal of the Plan is to provide tools that give climbers better access to climbing information and Library assets. The Guidebook Finder is a next step in expanding digital access to the world-class AAC Library.

The new tool gives Members an easy way to find, reserve, and check out over 600 guidebooks to 200 different climbing areas in the United States. Guidebooks (or other collection items) are mailed to AAC Members for free—up to ten books and five DVDs at a time.

Other uses for the Guidebook Finder include: browsing climbing areas in your area or afar, learning about new climbing destinations, and plotting out your next road trip.

This is really cool.  Give it a whirl.

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