Travel Photographers- Get Ready For The Gerber Steady

Gerber, known for their outdoor knives and multi-tools, is coming out with a new gadget. It is called the Steady and it is a multi-tool with a little feature just for the travel photographer in all of us. That feature is a mini tripod.

Imagine being on a hiking or climbing trip with your friends and you come across this breathtaking vista and you want to capture the moment with a group photo. But all that is around you are round, uneven surfaces like boulders so the chances of getting a great shot are slim unless someone holds the camera. Enter the Steady. A 12-component multi-tool that can also be used as a tiny tripod for your digital camera. On the one end are the two sturdy metal legs that hinge out and on the other is a fold-out tripod screw to mount the camera on. Difficult photo ops now become easy.

It is said that the Steady will make its debut in Spring 2012 and will have a price tag of $65.

Being an avid photographer I am forced to leave the full-size tripod at home usually due to it being cumbersome. This looks like a great option for having the convenience of a tripod on my next outdoor trip without having to carry the kitchen sink in my pack.


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