Tunnel Vision. The Future of Airport Security Checkpoints Has Promise

“Passengers should be able to get from curb to boarding gate with dignity. That means without stopping, stripping or unpacking, and certainly not groping.”

Could this be a ray of hope coming from the airline industry? In an effort to get more people to fly and relieve some of the annoyance of the airport process, the International Air Transport Association is working on a plan to reduce stress of the nightmare that is security checkpoints. Calling it the Checkpoint of the Future, passengers would be categorized as ‘Known Traveller’, ‘Normal’ and ‘Enhanced’ based on data information and would go down a high-tech scanning tunnel accordingly. This new type of checkpoint will rely on passenger information that is collected from security and customs & immigration agencies.

“Combining biometrics, stand-off screening, and passenger data, travelers would walk uninterrupted through a ‘tunnel of technology’ where all security and customs processing would occur in a transparent manner.”

News.com.au’s article elaborates more about IATA’s ambitious endeavor. I for one would be thrilled to stay fully dressed and packed from airport entrance all the way to my seat on the plane without the encroachment of my privacy.


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