Mountain Guides Tap into the World’s Best Climbers Bars

Some times how you relax after a great day of climbing is just as important as the climbing itself. To many, the best way to end a day of physical exertion is finding a good local bar and throwing back a couple cold brews while reliving the adventures of the day. Adventure Inspired writes about the Mount Shasta Mountain Guides’ quest to find the world’s best bars for climbers and the top ten list they came up with. So if you find yourself in Bend, Oregon or Railay, Thailand doing some amazing climbing, you might want to stop in the recommend bars and try the Guides’ Brew Choice. Who knows, maybe you will discover a few new bars to add to the list while you are there.

“our guides have gone above and beyond on this one and we are very happy to say everyone survived rigorous testing of each bar’s best brews, all in the name of bringing you our ten best bars for climbers.”

Sure, it is all a matter of personal taste when it comes to the beer suggestions, but I trust that these guides know what they are talking about because I have personally had the Everest Beer in Kathmandu and it was quite good and refreshing.


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