Adventure Travel News: Vital Wave Consulting Acquires Xola Consulting

Some very interesting news in the adventure community this week: emerging markets specialists Vital Wave Consulting acquired Xola Consulting specialists in sustainable and adventure tourism since 2004:

“Vital Wave Consulting recognized tourism’s increasing importance in emerging markets and the expanding role adventure and nature tourism are taking within the sector,” says Vital Wave CEO, Brooke Partridge.  “Tourism is generating more than $200 billion in foreign exchange for developing countries, and adventure tourism’s growth within the sector is estimated at 17% in 2010 and 2011.  Building our capacity in this space is important for providing business consulting across major vertical industries of emerging markets.  We are very enthusiastic about this acquisition.”

Vital Wave Consulting accelerates revenue growth in emerging markets through end-to-end commercialization services, with a focus on technology as a business enabler.  The company engages multinational corporations and development organizations to design, market and distribute solutions across a range of industries in diverse global markets.

Xola’s consulting service promises new forms of value to global organizations looking for revenue growth and sustainable products and services in emerging markets. Vital Wave Consulting’s strong relationship with global clients such as the World Bank, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the United Nations Foundation, Intel, Microsoft, and others offers tremendous potential for building synergies in the fast-growing adventure travel industry.

“Vital Wave Consulting provides us with a platform from which to provide services to a broader set of clients,” said Xola President Christina Heyniger. “It also gives us an opportunity to bring specialists with cross-sectoral experience – such as health, education, information and communication technology – to the field of sustainable tourism.”

The Adventure Travel Trade Association, a longstanding partner of Xola Consulting, is enthusiastic about the deal. ATTA President Shannon Stowell, says, “We are thrilled to see Xola Consulting reaching out past traditional tourism partners.  This is an ideal combination of cutting-edge thinking and experienced business practitioners that can help solve our industry’s complex challenges.”

The Xola team will continue to support its government and corporate clients with sustainable and adventure tourism strategy, product development and marketing under the name Vital Wave Consulting.  In addition to its core services, it now offers clients a larger team of highly-specialized consultants based around the developing world and a broader set of services, including technology solutions for business growth.

Christina Heyinger has been a great friend to PathWrangler and myself in our early stages.  We are really excited for her and her team as they begin the next stage in developing and driving sustainable travel beyond where it is today.

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  1. Hello Christina, My name is Dr. Erin Flowers, and I would be interested in talking with you as far as how I could become a part of this organization . My contact is either 727-330-4922 or my email vitaemf Thank you, Dr. Erin Flowers

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